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Company Profile

SHANDONG CONER GAS REFRIGERATOR MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. is a high-tech and new technology-based Manufacturing Corporation, which provides various models of gas powered refrigerators for domestic and commercial uses.

Our modern products include 3-way refrigerators, chest freezers, wine coolers, showcases, vehicle coolers, and beer dispensers. All of our units are compact designed with various capacities over 32 Liter. All the products are for export and have filled the gap in China, which are mainly exported to North America, European Union, Australia, Africa and other countries and regions.
To bring more efficiency and comfort to our clients, a new concept of "fresh keeping" is used in our refrigerating design. Compared with the previous ways of deep freezing, fresh keeping can achieve the most satisfaction for food storage as well as for energy saving in operation. This concept is completely suitable in different circumstances.
In comparison with electric refrigerator, we use no Freon and compressor, and need less maintenance. No Freon means no pollution, no compressor means no noise, and less maintenance ensures long lifetime. Most units can also be designed as 2-way powered or 3-way powered for convenient use in different places. Additionally, its portability provides convenience for people in journey.
Obviously, our gas model refrigerators are technologically sound and will inevitably become the substitute for the electric types, especially in those areas where electricity is more expensive than gas.